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The High Precision Glass Vessel for Dissolution Test 
The most precise glass vessel in the world was developed by the novel technology.
It assures the uniform bottom curvature and inner surface regularity.
The reliable dissolution tests are surely accomplished by utilizing the high precision vessel.
A spirit level for headlights of a motorcar
In May 1989,United States Government has enforced the law that each headlights of a motorcar imports shall be installed a level instrument.
At the request of major company of motorcar in Japan being obliged to deal with the law quickly, our company has developed a sprit level for headlights of a motorcar in 1990. Companies of motorcar set highly valuation on our product as functional and safety spirit. Adopting original noninflammable liquid, our company has got quick response and high reliability spirit levels. Furthermore our product has been extremely precision, durability and cost performance ratio.
Corresponding to a mount of needs from domestic major companies of motorcar parts, our company promote the project enthusiastically to increase the production capacity in blocks of 100,000 and going ahead on project enthusiastically to improve the product.

In 1965 our company manufactured a glass cylinder for a air damper of a balance by way of trial. Trough this development our company succeeded in mirror-face grinding, tolerance is 0.002 mm. Next year our company developed a original spirit level for a balance using glass tube and then the business of spirit levels has been stated, which is now major business in our company.
A spirit level is installed always in each balance, shall be stand horizontally in order to get precision. Spirit levels are delivered to major domestic makers of a balance.
As a pioneer of a spirit level for a balance, our company had a series of technical innovation and has been developing many kinds of spirit levels for balances according to many conditions, diameter, sensitivity and design. In related field, our company has been developing products, then gives high priority to manufacturing plastic and carbon for piston as parts of a balance.
Float system flow-rate meter
The float type flow meter has set a float in the glass taper tube whose upper side is wider than its lower side, and the float goes up and down due to the amount of flow for reading its position and obtaining the flow.


 General products
For the diversified industrial circles and respective users in Keiji District, we have smoothly promoted the supply of glass devices, raw materials, measuring devices, a variety of physical and chemical equipment. We manufacture the glass ware being used in the field of physics and chemistry, and have continuously been presenting them to a wide field of universities, government and municipal offices and industrial circles over about a century.
 Original products
Dioxin sampling instrument
Level vial This is instrument for measuring the horizon of plane. We introduce the precision processed products where single foam has been sealed into the glass container of circle, rod shape and barrel shape glass containing an alcohol or incombustible special solution. We have solved such various problems that the sampling space is narrow, that a long time is needed for the preparation and that the behavior range is limited because of the presence of high platform work and obstacles, and the other problems.
A lightweight and compact dioxin sampling instrument.
Since the start of physical and chemical glassware manufacture in 1902, we have continuously been tackling with various technical innovations, and have accumulated the unique know-how.
This tool has cleared various sampling environment conditions such as a high place and a narrow place!! A versatile sampling device expands the sampling possibility.
The ceramics that are shaped by baking and hardening the inorganic non-metallic materials. We are positively challenging to the most updated technology!

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