Takao Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Contribution to the development of science field over 1 century.

Our company was founded in March 1902, which goes back to the time when Tohzo Takao started the manufacture undertaking of physical and chemical glass equipment. Since then, the company has consistently manufactured the glasswares being used in the field of physics and chemistry, and has continuously supplied them to a wide field of universities, government and municipal offices and industrial worlds over about a century. Needless to say, the glass processing techniques, which have been accumulated here, have become the present industry basis.
In order to respond to the further wide users' needs with the actual records and reliance cultivated in these kinds of experience, we have been positively developing and expanding the commodities utilizing the special features of such glass as the parts for medical treatment examination, high accuracy electronic parts and glass parts for analysis.
In the future too, we hope to contribute to the development of science field responsive to a wide range of needs with a diversity of business items.

Business Items
Products: taper joint glass, glass units, ventilation percentage measuring units.
Commodities: Pyrex mark glass devices, raw materials, measuring devices, and various physical & chemical equipment.
5 units of computer controlled glass-processing machine.
5 units of glass cutting machine.
2 units of anneal furnace.
3 units of glass molding device.
20 units of processing burner.
1 unit of lift.
1 unit of supersonic automatic washing machine.
1 unit of high-speed automatic glass cutting machine.
3 unit of glass lathe.
Precision universal projector.
Other measuring equipment.
Major Clients (Disorderly)
Overall Research Institute of Toyo Boseki Co., Ltd.
Toray Co., Ltd. and its respective divisions.
Horiba Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Central Research Institute of Ishihara Industry Co., Ltd.
Nisshin Denki Co., Ltd.
Yunichika Co., Ltd. and its respective divisions.
Medical Department, Physical Science Department, Engineering Department and Agricultural Department of Kyoto University.