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Contribution to the development of biotechnology from the fundamental research.

At the same time when Iwaki Glass Co., Ltd. started the domestic production of Pyrex glass in the year of 1970, we concluded the Keiji Sales Special Agent Agreement and started the sales activity. For the diversified industrial circles and respective users in Keiji District, we have smoothly promoted the supply of Pyrex mark glass wares, raw materials, measuring meters and various kinds of physical & chemical equipment.
The actual record here has become the decisive factor for building up today's reliance, but further in order to respond to the users' needs, we have been positively handling the ELKAY products in the field of medical treatment examination, Yamato Science and Sanyo Denki Medical System products in the field of research installation and general equipment, tissue culture product IWAKI that is essential to the bio-technology research, and such reliable makers' products as Falcon.
In the future too, we hope to contribute to the development of science field in response to a wide need with a diversity of business items.

Major Agent Agreement Makers
Asahi Technoglass Co., Ltd.
Pyrex glass products
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Yamato Science Co., Ltd.
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@Test research installations
Sanyo Equipment Medical System Co., Ltd.
Bio-related equipment
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Environment test-related equipment
Medical treatment-related equipment
Yuniflex Co., Ltd.
Medical treatment equipment-related products
Japan Milipore Co., Ltd.
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A & D Co., Ltd.
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GL Sciences Inc.
Advantec Toyo Co., Ltd.
International Chart Co., Ltd.
Toei Co., Ltd.
Nalgen/Thermoline products
Nisshin Rika Co., Ltd.
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Overall Research Institute of Toyo Boseki Co., Ltd.
Toray Co., Ltd., and its respective divisions.
Horiba Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Asahi Technoglass Co., Ltd.
Central Research Institute of Ishihara Industry Co., Ltd.
Nisshin Denki Co., Ltd.
Headquarters of Yunichika Co., Ltd. and its respective divisions.
Asahi Kasei Industry Co., Ltd.